Travel | Winston Weekends

Whew, where did October go? Oh that’s right, on mini-adventures. Emphasis on “mini.” Yep, travel is the word of the month… year… ok,ย my 20s, but with a few exceptions, I’m not traveling too far.

In fact, I’ve had several sweet weekends in the past month over exploring my old stomping grounds in Winston Salem, and I couldn’t be happier about it. Here are a few highlights…


Camino Bakery with my sweet friend Kimi who I sang with in college! (Did I mention I was in an a capella group in college? haha) This picture is from one of our tour concerts during senior year, many moons ago :)

2013Oct30 - Wake Forest FootballCheering on the Old Gold & Black! This game was a heartbreaker but hey, we gave ’em a run for their money. Go Deacs!

2013Oct30 - WFU Basketball

Got to sneak a peak at the WFU women’s basketball practice!

2013Oct30 - Date Night Blur Edit

2013Oct30 - Hoots Roller Bar

We checked out Hoots Roller Bar – it’s only been open a few days and is certainly off to an interesting start. This is phase one of a revitalization of the West End Mill Works areaย and I’m excited to go back. Apparently, next to move in are a restaurant, distillery, yoga studio, art gallery and music venue all in the refurbished old mill.

2013Oct - Winston Sunrise 3

2013Oct30 - Brunch FinaleI mean, if that isn’t a beautiful sunrise and an impressive brunch, I don’t know what is. It still counts as brunch if it takes til noon to make it, right?

2013Oct30 - Fall Table Setting

2014Oct30 - Jack O LanternPumpkin carving and a ridiculously delicious dinner at Elizabeth and Ben’s house. What a treat! However, I can’t claim any pumpkin carving skills so instead I took a picture of theirs… I can vicariously take credit as moral/creative support, right?

So, Winston is a totally underrated town, I’ve decided. And if you ever want to explore it just let me know. I’m down.

What is your favorite underrated city to visit?ย 


Style | Olive Green and Fall Florals

I’m not sure when the trigger happened (maybe my trip to Black Mountain?) cause it sure wasn’t the weather, but for the past month and a half, I have been in full-on-fall-color-palette mode! Specifically green. I love it.

Cute Amy mentioned this on her blog as well, so perhaps the media is subliminally messaging us that green is in, but I welcome it with arms open. My olive and hunter green skinnies have been on heavy rotation this autumn already.

Outfit of the Week: Olive Green and Florals

Fall Style Olive Floral 2

Fall Style Olive Floral 3

Fall Style Olive Floral 4

Fall Style Booties

Here is the whole ensemble together, but my apologies for the low quality photo – best I could do with an iphone and bad lighting :)

Fall Style Olive Floral 1

Blazer: Loft | Blouse: Moulinette Soeurs | Jeans: Loft | Booties: Old Navy

Newest addition to the closet that I am super pumped about? These camel colored, chunky heeled booties. So comfortable and insanely versatile, and best of all, these ones were a total steal!

Considering getting them in gray, too. What do you think?

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